About Gimanhala

Since timely memorial, Dambulla had been a strategic point of rest for those venturing to the north of Sri Lanka. Continuing this tradition, Gimanhala commenced operating in 1988 and continues to be buoyed by its success.

Gimanhala which means ‘place of rest’, is ideally located in the heart of Dambulla, adjacent the post office, considered by many to be the geographic center of the island and it is a popular pit stop for those proceeding towards Jaffna, Batticaloa, Trincomalee or Sigiriya and also for others terminating their journeys in Dambulla.

The secret of its success can be pinned down to its tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet, which continue to attract the good and the great to its doors. Popular with locals for its fiery spice and with foreigners for its wide range and unique flavors that showcase the very best of Sri Lankan cuisine, Gimanhala is somewhat of watchword, for those in the know.

Be it for a quick cuppa or that well deserved breakfast having started one’s journey at the break of down, the open plan airy ‘Ahara Pana Restaurant’ and dining hall, is indeed a pleasant and refreshing location at which to break journey.

However Gimanhala given its superior location, in close proximity to practically all of the dry zone’s major tourist destinations, also plays host to 17 Standard rooms, offering the discerning traveler, modern facilities such as air conditioning, Satellite TV, hot water and tea coffee making facilities. The intrepid, will also be charmed by exploring the rural neighborhood on bicycles, made available by Gimanhala.

Gimanhala also has a well proportioned swimming pool with sun beds dotter around, complemented by a hypnotic view of adjacent brush land and paddy fields, as the eye feats on hues of green and blue, where the jungle meets the sky, with a panoramic view of the adjacent ‘ sleeping warrior’ mountain.

The well stocked bar, named after local horticulturist Sam Popham, who runs a popular arboretum in the vicinity, is a favourite place to relax and unwind for visitors having spent an engaging day out. The Gimanhala restaurant also doubles as banquet hall, catering for occasions such as weddings, picnics, workshops and family outings, complete with food, drinks and other requirements such as projections and sounds equipment.

From a 30 pax meeting, to a 150 pax in –house event, at a range of locations including the massive garden to choose from Gimanhala events team will gladly be of assistance to all would be event planners and organizers. The Gimanhala outdoor catering unit is also on hand for any occasion of even up to 1000 pax.

Gimanhala within its premises also features a handy souvenir boutique and convenient roadside Traveler Café as well.

Being the only Star class Hotel located in the heart of Sri Lanka’s, cultural triangle, at one of the most important junctions in the local road net work, the next time you’re on the road and fancy a quick bite, a lazy chill or a few nights of bliss, look no further than!